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Please check website the morning of the walk to make sure that it has not been cancelled

due to weather or illness

On arrival please have your dog under control and keep them 5 feet from other dogs


Day:Wednesdays weekly 



Cost: $15 for those who have signed up or have done training with Pamela


          $20.00 for those who are wanting to participate in the group walk without training

The walk is decided on by the group week to week. Please check the website for weekly updates.

Wednesday May 22nd

Colquitz Creek

Meeting place-Tillicum Mall Montana's BBQ and Bar

This group is designed for all dogs, puppies and owners.


Group walks are a fantastic way to work with your dog and gain the tools and skill needed to support them with navigating the world. Impulse control is one of the key factors in dog training and behavior. You will learn how to keep your dog under control around other dogs and people as well as help them to overcome triggers and unfamiliar sights and sounds such as people, children, dogs, bikes, skateboards, strollers, traffic, sporting events etc. Understanding your dog's body language will help you determine what they are telling you and how to support them with working through their discomfort. 


Puppies and dogs must be fully vaccinated  



Socialization is more than just play. It is learning how to navigate the world and help your  puppy/dog  overcome any barrier’s that they may face through desensitization. 

You and your puppy/dog will learn how to appropriately interact with other puppies/dog and people. You will gain a better understanding of how to support them with overcoming any triggers that they might have such as other dogs, people, objects, new environments and noises. Understanding your dog's body language will help you determine what they are telling you and how to best support them. The goal is to pass my knowledge and skills on to you so that you have a full understanding about how to keep your dog safe. In turn, helping them develop into a well-adjusted confident dog.

(If you have a dog who struggles with fear or is reactive please contact me before signing up)

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