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Whether you own a dog that is reactive, aggressive, lacks confidence or needs obedience training, Pamela will provide you with the knowledge and tools to have a better understanding of your dog and how to work with them to get the best results.


Pamela will assess your dog’s or puppy’s behaviour and general skill level. This evaluation takes place at your home.


Length: 1 hours

Rate: $99.75


As no two dogs are the same, Pamela will do an individual assessment of your dog and educate you about what is needed to achieve success. Pamela will support and provide you with training techniques, exercises and tools to overcome any challenges you are facing. She will help you understand your role in developing a well-behaved, well mannered, well socialised, confident dog.

Private consultations cover:

  • Understanding who your dog is

  • How to best support your dog

  • Keeping your dog safe

  • Loose leash walking

  • Socialisation

  • Recall

  • Desensitisation

  • Social issues

  • Triggers for reactivity

  • Handling reactive Dogs

  • Dog Body Language