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Rehabilitation for dogs who struggle with Reactivity, Fear or Social Issues

DAY TRAINING (For dogs who struggle with Reactivity, Social Issues, or Fear Issues)

Rate: $180.00 + tax per day

Whether you have a dog that is reactive, has been rescued, has social issues, is difficult to train or have a schedule that interferes with training, in house day training removes the barriers of having a confident well-trained dog.


Day training allows you to drop your dog off. They will be put through multiple short training or rehabilitation sessions throughout the day. This method accelerates the rate of learning and produces great results. To help build confidence, your dog will be socialised in many different environments. At the end of the day the skills that the dog has learned will be transferred to you, the owner. Availability is limited so book ahead.


Length: 1 hour for 5 weeks

Rate: $325 + tax

Private training offers the curriculum of group training for puppies who are to young too join a group class, owners whose schedules conflict with group classes or a dog that is challenged by a group setting.  It also provides an opportunity to work on specific training or behaviour issues and develop an individual plan for you and your dog.



Rate: $225 + tax

Duration:6 Weeks

Is your dog having difficulty navigating the world because they become overwhelmed when they see other dogs?  Do they show signs of fear? Has taking your dog for a walk become to challenging because they lung and bark at other dogs, react towards joggers, bikes, skateboards, children etc. Having a better understanding of what triggers your dog and why they are reacting, will help you to a have a better relationship with them. Working with your dog in a group, will provide you with handling skills and confidence to walk your dog without becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of avoiding other dogs or triggers, you will have the skills and confidence to overcome any challenges that you may face.