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Rehabilitation for dogs who struggle with Reactivity, Fear or Social Issues


Length: 1 hour for 4 weeks


Rate:  $367.50 tax included


We are often caught off guard when our dogs reacts so we avoid situations that will set off their reactive behaviours.

Private training offers the opportunity to gain a better understanding about why your dog is reactive, what their triggers are and how to help them work through stressful situations. My goal is to help you develop the insight and tools  so that you have the ability to support your dog and help them face and overcome their challenges.




TREK AND TRAIN - For dogs who have completed the Leash Walking Class


Length:1 hr for 5 weeks

Cost: $252 tax included


Day: Saturday





Trek and Train

Beyond obedience, learn how to handle your dog in a pack walk situation. Gain a better understanding of how to become a strong leader. Walking and training in a pack situation provides the opportunity to work on obedience and social skills in new environments with different distractions. The goal is to develop a well- mannered and trained dog that values you over anything else. Having a better understanding of your dog will create a stronger bond. In turn they will love you for it.


  • If dogs are reactive to people or other dogs they should be muzzled. Please contact me before hand as safety is the number one priority.


  •  If you are walking with two dogs, you must have a second person to walk the second dog until you are able to walk both dogs under control.


  • Please dress for the weather and have appropriate foot ware.


  • Bring a cell phone, leash (no flexi leashes please) and a buckle collar (with ID tags) and poop bags and water.


  • On arrival, please keep dogs 10 feet apart.


  • Please wear a mask






Location:Torquay School

Rate: $252.00 tax included

Duration:5 Weeks

Is your dog having difficulty navigating the world because they become overwhelmed when they see other dogs?  Do they show signs of fear? Has taking your dog for a walk become to challenging because they lung and bark at other dogs, react towards joggers, bikes, skateboards, children etc. Having a better understanding of what triggers your dog and why they are reacting, will help you to a have a better relationship with them. Working with your dog in a group, will provide you with handling skills and confidence to walk your dog without becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of avoiding other dogs or triggers, you will have the skills and confidence to overcome any challenges that you may face.