Group Obedience Classes


All Services adhere to the current covid 19 policies.




Rate: $225.00 + tax  $236.25

A solid foundation for puppies or a great refresher for dogs who have had previous training. Also, a great introductory class for those considering more advanced levels of obedience training or competition.  

Beyond basic obedience training, I will help you understand what you need to become a strong leader for your dog. As no two dogs are the same, you will gain a better understanding of who your dog is and what they need to develop into a well socialized, confident, well-mannered dog. My goal is to transfer my skills to you.

Small classes allow the opportunity to focus on you and your dogs individual needs.  All training is done using a positive reinforcement philosophy. 

Topics covered:

Feeding, crate training,  manners, greeting other dogs, keeping your dog safe, recall, basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay recall), space & boundaries, waiting & impulse control, avoiding separation anxiety, house training, leash skills and problem prevention will all be covered in this class.

For all classes you will need:

  • Dog crate

  • High value treats (cheese, meat)

  • A hungry dog (please do not feed before class)

  • 6 foot leash

  • Your dogs favourite toy


Length:  5  one hour sessions  

Rate:$325.00 + tax $341.25

Private training offers the curriculum of group training for puppies who are too young to join a group class, owners whose schedules conflict with group classes or a dog that is challenged by a group setting.  It also provides an opportunity to work on specific training or issues and develop an individual plan for you and your dog. 


Starts:February 27

Location:Victoria International Education Uplands Campus 3461 Henderson

Times:8:30-9:30 and 9:45-10:45

Length: 1 hour for 6 weeks

Rate: $225 + tax(236.25)

Does your dog pull while on leash?

Do they lunge when passing other dogs?

Are they working for themselves instead of teamed up with you?

This class will help you achieve excellent leash manners and a solid recall.  The goal is to provide you with the tools needed to become a strong leader.  If you have a dog that is connected to you when they are on leash, then you will have more success when they are off leash.  Training in a group provides the opportunity to work on obedience and social skills in an environment with different distractions. Having a better understanding of your dog will create a stronger bond.  Through positive training you will develop a dog that values you over anything else. 


Date: Saturday June 6th

Location: Torquay Elementary School  4413 Torquay

Time:1:30-2:30 and 2:45-3:45

Length: 1 hour for 5 weeks

Rate: $225.00 + tax $236.25


Dogs love to work. A dog who is using its brain is happier and more confident. Training your dog in Advanced Obedience will take them to the next level and give you the ability to become a strong leader whether they are on or off leash. Through positive training you will develop a dog that values you over anything else. Your dog will love you for it.

Topics covered:

Recall with distractions, advanced healing on and off leash, holding a down and standing stay with high distractions (other dogs chasing balls and toys, recalling away from playing dogs). Also, commands on the move, i.e. taking a down and standing stay command while in motion (chasing another dog or chasing a toy).