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Obedience Training: Service


Group Obedience Classes


All Services adhere to the current covid 19 policies.


Starts:March 3nd



Length:5 one hour sessions

Location: Vantreight Park

Rate: $252

A solid foundation for puppies or a great refresher for dogs who have had previous training. Also, a great introductory class for those considering more advanced levels of obedience training or competition.  

Beyond basic obedience training, I will help you understand what you need to become a strong leader for your dog. As no two dogs are the same, you will gain a better understanding of who your dog is and what they need to develop into a well socialised, confident, well-mannered dog. My goal is to transfer my skills to you.  All training is done using a positive reinforcement philosophy. 

Topics covered:

Feeding, crate training,  manners, greeting other dogs, keeping your dog safe, recall, basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay recall, leave it), space & boundaries, waiting & impulse control, avoiding separation anxiety, house training, leash skills, socialisation and problem prevention will all be covered in this class.

For all classes you will need:

  • High value treats (cheese, meat)

  • A hungry dog (please do not feed before class)

  • 6 foot leash

  • Your dogs favourite toy

  • Dog Crate


Location:Torquay Elementary School

Starts:Sunday March 3rd


Length: 1 hour for 5 weeks

Rate: $252

We all get frustrated when our dog pulls on their leash or they take off when we call them. What happens on leash transfers to off leash. There is nothing more important than a dog who does not pull when walking and comes when they are called.  Too often we give them too much freedom before they are ready for it. Especially when there are high distractions. Loose leash walking and recall are important skills that we teach our dogs.  We want them and ourselves to be safe. Dogs love to work. A dog who has a job and uses its brain is happy and confident.  Beyond training, Recall Advanced Obedience and Loose Leash Walking not only challenges your dog, it teaches you how to build a strong relationship and partnership with them.  You will develop skills to handle your dog in any situation whether they are on or off leash. 

Topics covered:

Loose leash walking, advanced healing on and off leash, recall from distractions, holding a down, sit and standing stay with high distractions (other dogs chasing balls and toys, recalling away from playing dogs). Also, commands on the move, i.e. taking a down and standing stay command while in motion. A solid leave it.


Maximum number of dogs 6


Day: Sundays 

Starts: March 3

Length:1 hour for 5 weeks

Rate:$252 tax included


Lambrick Park

Uplands Park

Beaver Hill Off Leash Dog Park

Parker Beach


This class is for those of you who have very good leash walking and recall and are up for the challenge of transitioning your knowledge and skills from the field to more challenging environment such as the beach, trails. The goal is to work your dog off leash with high distractions and gain a better understanding of how to put your knowledge and skills into action.


Engagement: Building A Stronger Relationship With Your Dog Through Training


Day:Sunday     Please email to be put on the wait list


Length:1 hour for 5 weeks

Cost: $252


For training to be successful your dog has to want to engage and participate.  For training to be successful your dog needs to find value in working for you. Choosing to focus on the handler and investing in the training process in turn builds a strong training relationship. Learn to understand what drives and motivates your dog and how to connect with them so they are wanting to work for you instead of just going through the motions. Gain a better understanding of what changes YOU need to make, to build a stronger relationship with your dog. 

This class will cover:

Impulse control

Understanding how to motivate your dog

Understanding how to engage with your dog

Toy play

Commands Sit, Stay, Down, Recall, Lets Go, Heel


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