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                                                                 Pamela Owen-Certified Dog Trainer

Pamela has spent many years training dogs and puppies, many who are challenged with aggression, reactivity, fear and behaviour.  Pamela also has an extensive background working with people educating, facilitating, programming and coaching sports.  Each of these experiences  has provided her with knowledge and insight about dogs and people and how to work with them to achieve success. 

In 2015 Pamela rescued a 7 week old puppy Indi (aka Sid Vicious) who is genetically feral and very primitive. Indi  began to display very challenging behaviors such as dog aggression, leery of strangers, resource guarding anything she values, compulsive barking, extremely high prey drive, reactivity to motion. Indi's brain is always in survival and always on the hunt for food. Indi has taught Pamela not only how to manage dogs with challenging behaviors but also what people need to do to  prevent behaviour problems from occurring. Pamela has come to recognise in order for a dog to change, the person must first change. She will help you understand who your dog is and what they need from you for success.  


As no two dogs or people are the same, Pamela's goal is to provide you with an in-depth understanding of who your dog is and individualize the training to meet the specific needs of each dog and person. Different breeds as well as rescue and shelter dogs respond to different training styles. Dogs love to have a job and a purpose, using diverse training methods from dog sports to behavior modification, Pamela will help you create a strong partnership with your canine companion and understand how to engage and motivate your dog.  


Beyond the basics, Pamela will provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to train, rehabilitate and address any behavior issues that you may be challenged with.  Most importantly, she wants  you to have the ability and confidence to handle your dog in any challenging situation. Pamela offers extensive knowledge and experience working  with all breeds from toy to giant including rescue and shelter dogs.


Training takes place in various environments utilizing both outdoor and indoor spaces such as parks, beaches, plaza's, your home etc. to help you work through real life challenges. From puppies to adult dogs Pamela's goal is to help you develop a confident, well-adjusted and behaved member of your family that you can take anywhere. 

Offering: 1-1 private training, basic, advanced, leash walking, recall, engagement classes and group walks


Understanding Your DOGS Needs for Balance - Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically



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2008 Pauls Terrace Victoria B.C.

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